Colin enjoys reading history, science-fiction, classic literature, and political philosophy. He's also a big fan of Cormac McCarthy, Charles Bukowski, and Denis Johnson. 

Meg Tessensohn is a former Barnes & Noble assistant manager & a community relations manager. With over 20 years in the book industry, working with publishers, authors, editors, schools, fundraising, and children’s events. Currently, she is the publicist for Sandpiper Book.  Ms. Tessensohn also is the owner of Books & Roses. She is an avid reader, enjoys cooking, vintage hats, paints and is married with two grown sons & one grandson. 

Letitia Pilelis-Gamez, the owner of Sandpiper Books, has been in retail most of her adult life. A former Barnes & Noble bookseller, it’s been her life-long dream to own a bookshop. Letitia has earned her degree in Interior Design, has spent years studying world religions, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. Her favorite genres are memoir, philosophy, and theology. 

Sarah grew up in Sandpiper Books from the time she was too little to see over the tables. She has four older brothers who shaped her very eclectic taste in books. Sarah reads books in every genre from horror and conspiracy theories to fantasy and classics. When she's not working you can find her gardening, adventuring, and of course, reading.
"Libraries were full of ideas...perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons." - SJM

Eddie is a Monster Kid who's interests include political science, religious studies and old school pulp fiction. 
Eddie loves scooters, American pop culture and a good cup of joe. 
"Books are the most important component of a free society"