How We Buy: Generally, we offer 25 cents for a pocket book, 50 cents for a trade paperback, and a buck for a hardcover book. If the book is a current best-seller we offer 20% of what we would ask for that book. 

Donations: Sandpiper Books prides itself on carefully selecting quality books for our customers and we offer a fair price for the books we buy; however, if you don't need the money please consider donating your quality books- it'll make you feel big and strong. :-) 

 There are lots of books in the world and it's impossible to say exactly what we buy at any one time; however, we can say  exactly what Sandpiper does not buy: 
  * Books in poor condition (musty,    

   dusty, dirty, water damaged, etc.)
  * Ex-library books
  * Textbooks 
  * Magazines 
  * Reader's Digest condensed novels